Hygiene is one of the basic common features of businesses that have a large and qualified customer base. The interior cleaning of the place, the cleaning of the tables and most importantly, the cleaning of the materials where the food and drinks are served are among the issues that customers emphasize. Small stains on the plates or spoons, forks and knives with water stains because they are not dried sufficiently cause customers to develop a negative attitude towards the workplace. These types of problems usually arise when the dishes are washed by hand and dried with a cloth or left to dry on their own. It is not possible to encounter such problems in businesses that have industrial dishwashers and dryers. Industrial dishwashers are extremely functional, which enable the dishes to be washed at high temperatures and thus eliminate not only visible dirt but also invisible organisms. After the washing process, it is not possible to leave any water stains on the products that are taken to the industrial dryer and dried with hot air pressure . In this way, businesses can serve their customers with sparkling plates and glasses as in advertisements .

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