Turkish culture is a culture where dessert consumption is intense. Baklava has a special place in this dessert culture, which has hundreds of years of origin. The secret of a delicious baklava is through thinly rolled dough. The thinness of the baklava dough is in direct proportion to its taste. However, there is a limit to the ability to thin the dough by human skill. After a certain stage, tearing of the dough is inevitable. The dough opening machine, which is specially produced to roll the baklava dough, pushes the fineness of this dough to the end and enables thinner doughs to be obtained. It is possible to thin the baklava dough to values between 0,10 and 0,15 mm thanks to the dough rolling machines, which have an important place among the industrial kitchen materials . In addition, dough sheeter machines provide a great advantage in terms of speeding up the work flow in enterprises where demand is intense.

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