The performance of your kitchen workers, who are the main heroes of your business, is directly affected by working conditions, breaks, salary and meal amounts, as well as working environments. An environment where they can work more comfortably and without interfering with each other enables them to be more collaborative and more productive. The quality kitchen equipment you use in your professional kitchen are the helpers that will make their work easier and allow them to work with pleasure. High quality, ergonomic and healthy kitchen equipment designed in a good flow enables speeding up services and prevents kitchen accidents. The chef and his team, working more efficiently in such an environment, prevent extra costs that may arise, while increasing customer satisfaction with delicious, beautiful and fast service.

Examine the effects on the kitchen staff of industrial kitchen equipment in order to Ghana in 2017, Hagan, Kwofi to and Baisse by "Evaluation of the Effects of Employee Efficiency Kitchen Layout" is a study was done. In this study, although some of the 90 kitchen workers who were surveyed regardless of age, gender, position, thought that industrial kitchen equipment and professional design had no effect on their work, the majority of them stated that they had a great effect on their work performance and health, created a perfect harmony within the team and a regular and comfortable work. stated that it provides space. Respiratory distress of employees surveyed were poorly designed work space, stress, migraine, and that cause physical pain , he said . Working in the kitchen layout and results of employee performance and psychology of professional equipment, the company in direct proportion to the positive impact that the findings reached on the mound . At the same time well-designed enterprise cuisine's , a comfortable range of motion and because it provides easy to use refurbished to the next trying to wear all day in the kitchen working day and enthusiastic manner came that provides the menu revealed laid .

There are many important names in our country that support that a well-organized business kitchen positively affects the performance of employees. Cemal Türkan, who started his cooking adventure as an apprentice in Istanbul, has been educated in good schools in France and now teaches at Izzet Baysal University to train good cooks, arguing that the working environment directly affects the performance and health of cooks. According to Cemal Türkan, there is no ideal kitchen design, but a simple random arrangement creates countless negativities for the employees and the business in the future. Türkan, who has devoted her years to cooking and teaching, says that the architect, the owner, the contractor and the chef who will work in the kitchen should carry out a joint effort to create a professional kitchen that will keep up with all innovations and will work comfortably and in harmony with the chef and his team .

Unlike those who offer the same design and standard products to all businesses, you can reach us through our contact information on our website for a professional kitchen designed with fully qualified and approved equipment, where your employees can work comfortably and in harmony. For a successful and permanent business, kitchens where your employees can be productive should be out of professional hands!

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