Globalization has drastically changed our eating and drinking habits along with all our habits. People are now eating and spending time drinking something, not just for being full, but for taste, pleasure and to exist in various groups. It does this mostly to be consumed and to exist with what it consumes. Businesses are now aware of the need to offer flavor, visuality, hygiene and service that will allow people to connect people to their places and even bring their acquaintances with them every time, instead of producing ordinary products that will be consumed in a short time. For this, first of all, the venues were designed again and in a way that suits social media. People to any placeMost of the time, the first thing he does when he enters is to take photos or to share on social networks by marking a location, which has prompted business owners to create areas where they want to have photos taken. Naturally, this initiative started to pay off.

Change in businesses was not limited to photographic space designs. Many business employees also started serving their guests in uniform clean and pleasant clothes. Then the presentation of the meals reached different dimensions. As industrial food presentations attracted attention, valuable chefs tried to create a new visual feast each time. Businesses have created interesting tastes by adapting the special foods of different countries to their own cultures. This dizzying change in food and beverage businesses took place not only in the visible face of the business, but also in the set of this glowing scene. Although business kitchens previously provided a small and functional area enough for cooks to produce delicious plates with their own means, today there is a need for more ergonomic, sequential and professionally arranged kitchens. In fact, although most businesses try to fit the whole kitchen into the small part after designing the visible part of the space in a dazzling way, it is inevitable that this has a negative effect on the costs, permanence and customer satisfaction of the business. Therefore, businesses that organize not only the part that the customer sees, but also the kitchen part with the help of professional hands to make the invisible heroes of the space more efficient, gain a successful and permanent place in the sector.


Apart from the part of the food and beverage industry that has changed considerably in a few years, the way food travels, ie the cuisine of the business , must also adapt to change. Small businesses that serve dozens of customers every day can manage with domestic kitchen equipment and small work areas, but large businesses that serve the masses need a large working space in their kitchen and professional equipment to make things easier. In large business kitchens that serve hundreds of people at the same time with different dishes every day, the team's working in integrity and flow is not only dependent on team compatibility. All stages of a plate meal should be completed in a flow, without team members overlapping with each other. Even when the food is raw or cooked, it should not cross the route once again in the kitchen, the equipment and the kitchen should be designed in collaboration with an architect and engineer accordingly. The common equipment that meals will be exposed to from the preparation stage to the service stage should be neatly arranged in a certain order. Thus, the kitchen workers will not be at each other's feet, so to speak, by working in harmony. This harmonious design in the kitchen is also a big factor in preventing conflicts within the team.

The good work of all employees in professional kitchens depends on working in a well-designed area as well as their own skills and determination. In such an environment, the cooks will be able to create more special tastes and the training of the new cooks will be easier. The trainees will be able to observe what is happening in the kitchen without narrowing the space of their chefs, namely their teachers, and be involved in the work when necessary, thus increasing the chance of the business to train important cooks of the future. In other words, a well-organized professional kitchen is a factor that should not be ignored by business owners who want to exist in the future and be the best instead of saving the day and making a profit.

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